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The main website of our project vitabonu is :
Our vitabonu project includes many subdomains
like the following with already active projects as listed below :

Since some years our bt365 is a popular traffic exchange :
The traffic exchange bt365 or besttraffic365 is a wonderful platform for every owner of a website to increase the amount of visitors and with this automatically the position of the website in the Google page rank.
The registration and basic use of bt365 is and will be always for free. By using the Surfbar you can earn Credits to use the at bt365.
After you clicked your personal Surflink a seperate tab apears in your browser and shows you our Surfbar. Here we show you a rotation in a frame every 15 seconds another website of one of the members.
Between the displayed websites a jackpot is also displayed at regular intervals where you can win additional credits.
Members pay for displaying their own websites in credits that they have earned by "surfing" in the Surfbar.
This ensures that everyone also uses the Surfbar and thus visits the websites of other members. Furthermore, the members of bt365 can also send paid mails with their credits and also book "click4credit" advertising in the form of banner and text advertising. If you want, you can build up a downline of up to eight levels and earn credits because your downliner are using their Surfbar.
As an incentive or for any other reason, credits can also be transferred to other members.

international business club  

ibc is our platform for business recommendations and about the topic to earn money or receive it by donations.
Here we recommend and show only businesses and projects in that we already invest by ourselves.
In some you can just invest. In some you can create a downline and mostly both is possible.
The website is also available in English and German.
But of course you can translate it also by Bing or Google into any other language.

JFK Consulting is a Business Consultant
and also
an Advertisement and Trading Agency :

JoFuWeb is the creator of all our websites and platforms.
But it's more than that. There you can also order
cheap and high quality advertisement material like business cards, flyer or menu for a restaurant.
All graphic designs and printings are possible to order there.

JoFuWeb Mail
is our free email service like :,,, etc.
JoFuWeb Mail
The Project "buchehier" is the German vitabonu travel agency with best price guarantee :

Under "kurz mal weg" are short weekend or wellness trips :

"buche hier" means book here / book your vacation here ;-)

We are working on a similar travel portal in English where you can start your trip in the UK, US or at other destinations.

MyCouponWay is a projecte we join as an affiliate.

The first link is for those who are interessted to build a downline

and the second link goes directly to the website :

EARNANDPROMOTE is an advertisementplatform where you can set Banner- und Textads. But there you can also build a downline to earn a regular income.
The website is in English and German. But with the integrated
Google Translator you can get it in nearly every other language.

SFI is an american platttform
that claims to be a mix of eBay and Facebook.

More projects are following soon
and some are already visible at : "projects in progress"


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